After being defeated by the Lodgers and the Heroes Act, Jaxtom has escaped from the Beofynzeny System with only a handful of his power left. Now, he has one hope left of rebuilding his evil empire. And that's with CrimeTech, a criminal business spread out across the UUniverses that did business with him, and has instantly guarded a last resort project for him: The U-Soldiers, locked away clones of Gruids mixed with preserved DNA of frozen and finely-preserved Uridians, and lay in the icy depths of the moon Snao XXIII, they are now free and have succeeded in giving Jaxtom a new criminal organization known as the U-Surrection, which has an army consisting of his U-Soldiers, regular Gruid clones, and his Sentries and Sentinels. With a new threat to the AUU at stake, Jaxtom now plans to reclaim the Beofynzeny System with his new power. Thus the Lodgers and Heroes Act are called in to stop him. Unfortunately, the U-Soldiers prove to be more coordinated and powerful than the average Gruid. As a result, they are forced to retreat. In order to get answers on how to beat this new threat, the Lodgers and Heroes Act must seek out CrimeTech. Will this information be helpful to them when Jaxtom is this close to reclaiming his corporatocratic monarchy with the use of a new weapon?

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