Well The Lougers have save their High Council and their worlds by saving the grand designer from his own insane madness and make him understand that some plans are best left where they are and to let go of his obcession, but they didnt accound on his elder brother whos the real power behind the Darkpawn, the lougers, and Grand Designer's plans destroy the misfits and all of the universe he created so he can resume his grand designs he long awaited to do: The Second Grand Designer. TSGD Reveals that he and his little brother were both from the amoral. While the grand disigner was respondsible of creating the idea of the endless struggles of good and evil, The Second Grand Desginer was responsbile for looking after all that was lost during the endless battle between darkness and light and those who werent up to the challenge of becoming a hero or a villain and just disappeared. Now the SGD intents to undo the damage his little brother had done, alter the United Universe to his liking and dispan the louggers by destroying both Sponegbob and Spyro....Forever! Just when you thought we were done with having troubles from The Amoral.....

This will be the Second Grand Designer's theme song.

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