A uncanon sequil for Hand of Horror.

With the Louge's good name cleared, their reality restored and the charges against them dropped by The Forces of Reality who were easily forgiven and had no hard feelings while exposed for the deceitful nobodies they are, Sanmex and the organization are now facing trail in the Amoral Empire for tricking the Forces of Reality which lead to the louger's near undoing, attempting to conquer all of reality with Horror's hand and their other various crimes against the UU and the Amoral's Grand Design of Things. With Sanmex now a total fearful coward thanks to the power of Horror's Hand turning the odds against him, he and the other dark nobodies are given no chance to defend themselves and the trail will soon over with the verdict official; The Rip off Organization is found guilty as charged. The sentence for Sanmex is either the same fate as the nobodies Sora slew in the past or banishment to the Realm of Oblivion for eternity.

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