Uncannon Sequel to The Revenge of Young Xehanort

Thanks to Kairi and Saldaron's interfearence, Young Xehanort's plans for the destruction of Mirage, re-gaining control of the Villain Leage, usurp the current powers in the Sourge Empire and Team Nefarious, corrupt Ke-Pa to his side, and finally, reactivate the Great Cycle so Y.X. can honor his master's legacy by doing what he did, and succeed in the disuction of the louge starting with Spongebob and Spyro. Now the Amoral Empire seek to make him another resident of the Oblivion realm to ensure that his existance will not threaten their grand design of things. But what if doing so would be the baddest idea in the history of ever? What if instead, it would just make Y.X. strong beyong belief, turning him into a force not meant to happen, that could become a danger to borh moral and amoral? Not if Kairi, Spyro and the others have anything to say about it.  

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