Angered that Spyro had destroyed the Artifact thus pushed him too far, Ke-pa now hates Spyro more then ever and vows to wipe him off the face of the Uu for ruininng his plans up untill the artifact, taking his Dragon Army, his pride and the respect of his former master. Thanks to Professor Dorsal Fin, Kairi has been abducted yet again and Ke-pa threatens to take her life unless Spyro turns himself in and come face him ALONE!!! However, that's when Ke-Pa is gonna get the more rather misfortunate setback, in the form of Kung Khan's youngest brother, Fu Ju. Fu Ju has a secret that'll render even Ke-Pa weaken in fear. A Kung Fu moved feared by even Oogway: The Sholalin Ka So Fom! it's a move that makes it's user become an engrey beast of pure, destructive power that even the gods were turned into cowards pluse had to be banned from being taught to kung fu students in China. Ke-Pa's gonna get his fight alright.... Just not with Spyro, but an enraged, and imfamous Chinese Demon who wants to win back the Throne of the Underworld from Ke-pa and avenge his eldest brother. But there is a way to stop Fu Ju, The Kung Fu Gods before Oogway's time have created a powerful artifact that would strip Fu Ju of the Sholain Ka So Fom, turn his soul into shadow and seal his body into the earth and the darkest depths of the underworld for eternity, The Sacred Crystal of the Heavens, which was send to earth in the time of Tyro's birth and when the Jade Palace was being build. Since then Oogway and the Jade Palace masters have kept the cyrstal in the basmement where Tyro found his ancestral time line incase Fu Ju ever appeared. It seems it is Fu Ju who is gonna be renderd weaken in fear and his wrath has caused this unfortunate setback.