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Yesterday, i was just reserected by a group of villains called the villain leage. They are a bucnh of followers of darkspawn currently controled by a fool name Malefor. I desided to, pla along with their, silly ambitions along with Fake Ansem, Xenmas, Xigbar and Saix, and a young clone of myself. I know the truth of the events that'll happen after Spongebob is captured. the book of predictions reveils Mang's betrayal, Mirage's death, the end of Malefor's magical link to the united universes, and, what will truely follow, is the great Cycle. it'll send all worlds of the old universe back to darkness and kingdom hearts, allowing the world that never was to come back, and making a united universes, in my image. I made sure, none of those fools are made aware of my true intentions, and i will stop at nothing until Mang's betrayal is made possable by exposing him to the likes of those that have no faith or interest in Malefor and their continuious failures, make Jungie greatly rebelious, and even the following of the book's other predictions, until the coming forth, of the great cycle.