• If you're still there, then I want you to know that me and Scroopfan are getting a little...tense. Apparently, we've had arguments about what should occur in our episodes because we have different viewpoints and visions. So I decided to make my own series on this wiki. But the problem is that I need to become an administrator in order to make the big changes on this wiki. If you're around, be sure to help me out here.

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    • Well I'm currently busy with fanmake work so I'm really don't have time for this now. You and Scroopfan are just gonna have to put aside your petty graveness and let Scroop have his why just like I did before I decided to leave this series. If not then don't take all of this out on me.

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    • It's alright, I don't blame you. I'm not going to do this right away. After all, it's just a precaution. You checked out the episodes I have for the new Epic Chronicles episodes yet?

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    • Like I said, currently busy with fanmake work and all so nope.

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