With Lightning Dust still griving the loss of her beloved friend, Daisy Beds, Twilight and the other lougers think of a way to keep Lightning from mourning Daisy's death forever. Then Taiku comes up with an idea so crazy, it just might work. He brings his multiverse-traveling remote (which he used to travel himself,  Alice, Candence, Shining Armour, The Magic University Gang acompined by Spongebob, Patrick, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Trixie, Gilda, Iago, Icky, Spyro, Sparx and the Cutie Mark Crusaders through a series of various parallel universes to find Twilight, Spike and the mane 5 back in the events of Nega-Equestia) and plans a trip through Equestria's Multiverse to get a Daisy Beds from a Universe where she never died from Pteroliovirus and bring her back so Lightning can have a long dead friend back with Twilight, Spike, Spyro, Sparx, Kairi, Spongebob, Jimmy Timmy and Danny tagging along for the ride. However, in doing so voliated a law of the multiuniverse, and Taiku gets arrested by a Multiverse cop named Officer Double U. Taiku may most likely be sentenced to Multiverse Prison for voliating the law of mulitverse code. Unkown to Twilight's group that Officer Double U, the Multiverse code of law and Taiku's arrest is all the trickery of Loki who is on an errend for the Villain Leage and the Syndicate of Darkness by corrupting Double U into fasliy arresting Taiku for violating a law that dosent even exist by the Multiverse Government. Now it's up to Twilight, Spike, Kairi, Spyro, Sparx, the Nicktoons and the Mighty Thor to expose Office Double U for the treacherous cop he is, stop him and Loki in their tracks and clear Taiku's name. But however, there is also a matter with what the alternate universe Lingthing Dust feels about this. Would it be right to selfishly take away HER Daisy Beds to replace another? Gee, Taiku just can't win in this one.