The Jokester has been busted outta jail by the one villain he is inspired by: The Joker himself along with Harley Quinn on a recruiting mission for the Villain Leage and the Syndicate of Darkness before Kung Khan, Queen Throx and Su Su Ka Boom could get to him and recruite him into the upcoming reborn Dragon Army for he is an enemy of Kairi for making her breasts bigger with the Poison Joke flowers. The two Joking villains and Harley gather 1000000 Poison Joke Flowers in Equestria, kidnap Kairi, and Girl Sora, taken them to Gotham City and gas bomb the two damsels in distress. Kairi becomes effected by the Poison Joke's poison again, but this time, with 1000000 poison joke flowers, the result on her is more beastly than her boobs getting large. The Poison has turned Kairi into a centaur...a GIANT one while Girl Sora's butt expan and got much bigger attracting big booty loving perverts. Now the Joker, Harley and Jokester plan to use the poison joke gas as the Leage and Syndicate's weapon of terror on Gotham to show them that the leage and their new allies are a powerful force to be reckoned with. However, will the Jokester end up being too fanboyish for the Joker and the leage to put up with, and that Kung Khan might just get him after all, that is if Jokester controls his fanboyish attitude to show the Dragon Army's three escaped survivors that Jokester is now the leage's persional property while the lougers and Batman come to the rescue, and intentionally make it that the Jokester is no use to the leage and that he HAS to join the Dragon Army instead who are too desperate to care otherwise if he's useful or not?