(My Version of the MLP episode Just for Sidekicks and Sequel to Eight Kids, Two Shell Louge Leaders and a Baby)

When Spongebob  Spyro and the Digimon Group are entrusted to look after Taiku's pet blue four-tailed fox, Diggs, Twilight and the other mane 6 entusted their own pets to Spongebob, Spyro and the Digidestiend along with Spike who has great experience with pet-sitting while they, the other lougers and Kairi go to the Crystal Empire for this years Equestria games while the cutie mark crusaders come over for a play date with the pets.  But when Spongebob's group discover that Diggs is very mischivious and wants to eat Angel Bunny for lunch, its another mayham-filled adventure Tom and Jerry style. to make matters worse, Diggs has a horror ability to turn into a Giant civisation destroying nine-tailed fox if he ever tasted rabbit flesh for some odd reason, and this gain a dangerious interest to Mcweirdo, a carnival owner of a freakshow, who wants to display Diggs as a freak for fame and monumental gain.