The U-Surrection is an Alternate UUniversal villain team lead by Awesome Jaxtom after his tyrannical corporatocratic Armatage branch in the Beofynzeny system was destroyed by the Lodgers and Heroes Act. He escaped arrest, and with the help of his old criminal business allies in the form of CrimeTech, he unleashed a new type of henchman in the form of the U-Surrection's trademark U-Soldiers, which are cybernetic Gruid clones injected with Uridian DNA. This has since become on of the Heroes Act's many enemies since the Villains Act. It is what remains of Jaxtom's power, and he now aims to use his new evil organization to take over the AUU.


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  • Awesome Jaxtom- The Acrillisape leader of the U-Surrection. He is responsible for the tyrannical corporatocratic takeover of the Beofynzeny System as a result of losing his chance to be heir to the system's Armatage branch. Thanks to the Lodge, he lost this dictatorship, and is now the proud leader of this villain team.
  • Thaya Lu Armatage- A Uridian clone that was born in U-Surrection labs to be the ultimate assistant for Jaxtom. She was bred to be very sadistic, and Jaxtom looks at her like she's the daughter he REALLY wanted, despite already having two stepchildren and two polygamous wives. She possesses natural phasing abilities that allow her to turn invisible, immobilize people, speed up and slow down time, and enhance her senses.
  • Hightower- A pure Gruid-Uridium hybrid and the loyal leader of the U-Soldiers.
  • Wolholm- A giant ape cyborg who served Jaxtom during his corporate tyranny, and is now the leader of the A-Sentries and A-Sentinels.
  • Zirconium- A Gruid who is the corrupt leader of the Gruid Troop.
  • Fray- A dinosaur and former criminal and prisoner on Oranos until Jaxtom saw some potential in him, and thus offered him to join his team.

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  • U-Soldiers- The trademark force of the U-Surrection. They are cybernetic Gruid clones that were injected with the preserved DNA of the Teadr 1 Uridians, which were naturally capable of using energetic powers called phase powers, which in turn caused the creation of a substance called uridium, the substance that the Uridians used as a power source. Possessing Uridian DNA, the U-Soldiers possess the same phasing powers, and all use Jaxtom's trademark U-Tech Weaponry, either using uridium or it's slaggy mining byproduct. They are strong and enhanced fighters that can put up an excellent fight, making the U-Surrection a force to be reckoned with.
  • A-Sentries-
  • A-Sentinels-
  • Gruid Troop-

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