The Lougers, Kairi and their friends awake in the Simulated Dragon Realms where Villain Paradise, under Malefor controled Darkspawn rule reigns suprime, devoid of foul language, no master of time baling them out and all heroes are hunted to extinction or forced into slavery. Our heroes and friends plan to use the Uu simulation as their second home hoping to use it to find Spongebob and Spyro  and somehow reach SGD. However, that is not nessery, cause they are about to meet the Suprime Parental Units, and they revil that SGD is unable to change the real united universe thanks to having his robotic hands full from Dark Spyro, and everything in this simulated universe is but a program created by SGD as what is meant to be like a virtual hell for the gang, and free the others in time to stop Spyro from going to far and finally make SGD see the error of his ways.... But not before shutting down this simuleted nightmare and putting the tortured residents out of their misery.

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