Since the begining of time and crossover history, The lougers have been created by a yellow seasponge and eversince, they've been together batteling and facing the evil adversarys the United Universes has to offer, but Spyro's popularity to the duties of Kung Fu is about to bring a change, one that is going to ban lougers from working with Spyro unless he chooses some worthy lougers sutible for Spyro to face crime and super villainy or have a permit to help him.  Who would do this? The very strict uptight Heros comissioner of the Galactic Federation Tightbuttwad, The Grand Council Woman's obnoxious and rule abiding 3rd cousin, who has gotten tired of the contence property damage that resulted from the various battles against evil. Spyro tries to reason with Tightbutt, but fails. However, would Tightwad began to reconsider his strict rules and think otherwise when He and his daughter get kidnapped by El Amazeso, Latifier, and Mike Fowlcheeserson who tried to ransom the grand Council woman to make Villain Teams protacted under the Galactic Federation Law so they can a new villains team with no fear from the already stricten lougers. But this isent gonna be El Amazeso, Mike and Latifier's day when Spyro and all the lougers (After Shifu, Tyro, Kung Fu Council and the Council Woman suspended the All Louger's working together with Spyro and Company ban for the moment untill Tightwad and his daughter are saved, but even then, Tightwad will deside to butt out of his ruling just to save his own butt and his daughter's) set out to put Those 3 in their places, pubicly humiliate them and send them back to Prison 42 while Shifu, Tyro, The Kung Fu Council and the Galactic Federation plan to pass out a right which degrees the all the louger's rights to help Spyro and who ever he and his company chooses worthy and show Tightwad never underestimate the power of teamwork even the consequences it brings during the countless battles against evil.

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