When The Louge and Circus Zaragoza come together to preform in Radiant Garden for Queen Kanji's birthday, another rival but not to competetive circus named Circ de Spatacular, owned by El Amazeso's eldest, good and kind hearted brother, Ringmaster Spataculo who plans to make Kairi and the Purple Dragon who humiliated his evil, vengful and greedy bother the star attractions of his circus since Spyro and Kairi's trapeze act Trapeze Morado Endriago & Princesa of Corazón is the biggest hit in the entertainment buisness and Spataculo could inmagine the big and weathly crowds that would pay to see his two new "stars-to-be" preform Trapeze Morado Endriago & Princesa of Corazón in Circ de Spatacular. Interestingly ironic though, unlike Amazeso, Spataculo is not a self rightious animal abuser. In fact, he treats the circus animals realitivly well, even more so to his prime acts, Dummy, Spataculo's puppet replica-of-himself sidekick, De Vinti the White TigerGala the Actrobatic CteehtahMicandgelo the SealReggie the Makaw, and his magic act Madam Cobra the suprime, and in fact disappoved his brother being the greedy evil twat that he was, but his broken heart of how far his brother has fallen into darkness made him lost sight of his own good morals. So, Spyro desides to have the louge, Circ de Spatacular, Circus Zaragoza and Spataculo's brother's former followers combind into a big mega super-circus with  Trapeze Morado Endriago & Princesa of Corazón the star act to give Kanji a birthday that she will never forget. If they can avoid the snags from a mischivious otter clown named Prankzo, who's big mischivious shinanigans got him fired from Circ de Spatacular and would do almost anything to get back at his former boss for taking away his job that is.