Before Scroop replaced the villain leage with an oc buisness coyote and his henchmen along with adding an immortal Elk warlock, Tai Lung's sister, and an army of Komodo Dragons who's on a blind quest for vengance against kung fu as a plot twist. There was this original concept.

When a turkey named Necky has finally had enough of Thanksgiving and all the turkeys that suffered from it, he desides to start a turkey revolt, tis all because his sister Leecky has been taken to another turkey farm along with both his parents and grandfather. Blinded by ambition to better turkeys everywhere, he steals the weapons of his abusers, ties them up and locks them in a closet and leads a new found "Turkey revulision" planning to attack on the Dragon Realm's Annual Thanksgiving Parade. It's up to the lougers who are spending their first Thanksgiving together along with The Turkey from the House of Mouse Thanksgiving Episode who is Necky and Leeky's cousin and a certain pegasus pony (who she and Rainbow Dash are spending Thanksgiving with the Louge along with taking part in the Thanksgiving Parade with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders representing Equestria's float) to find a peaceful solution to this sudden feather-fiended attack and tell Necky that hating Thanksgiving and causing a violent revelution isnt the answer before he and his fellow turkeys are hunted by the Villain Leage and their Organization XIII who are planing to have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own with Necky as their main course. Also in a side story, Spyro is chosen to host the Valley of Peace's Autumn Festival Feast at the Jade Palace with all of the Kung Fu Masters from all the provinces of China coming and Sparx, Lord Shen and Kairi are attending as well but the downside is that all of the other lougers and Cynder are not invited because only those who mastered Kung-Fu are invited and Spyro is a Full-Fludged Kung Fu Master now. How is Spyro going to celebrate the Autumn Festival Feast and his first thanksgiving with Kairi and the other lougers without disappointing everyone?