The Worlds of the UUniverses are planets where the characters of many cartoons live in. There are a limitless number of these worlds and each have their own appearances, cultures, beliefs, and so on. All worlds are bound by laws and rules, and are commonly kept in check by The High Council and the Shell Lodge Squad. Each world has different origins, and each are in different time periods, as proven by worlds that are still populated by dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures, or some that are still in a primitive society. There is a world for every work of movie fiction ever known, each in a different sector and system of the UUniverses.


Kingdom HeartsEdit

In the Kingdom Hearts universe, travel between worlds are not normally possible. Worlds are protected from extraterrestrial interference by an invisible shell. When the heart of a world is opened, the shell breaks apart, appearing as a meteor shower. Fragments from the wall can be used to make 'Gummi Ships', which serve as the main mode of travel between the various worlds. Gummi Ships are constructed from 'Gummi Blocks' and can be shaped into any structure; the origin of the Gummi Ship material allows for travel to other worlds. Gummi Blocks can serve different functions, from navigation to offense and defense. There is also another method of transportation in the UUniverses: The 'Corridors of Darkness'- interdimensional pathways which erode the user's heart with darkness. These pathways are normally used by Heartless and Nobodies, but have been used by other characters in the series, including Riku and Mickey Mouse. Those who travel between worlds are advised to limit their interactions with the inhabitants of foreign worlds in order to maintain the world order. For this reason, the main characters change their appearance in certain worlds to avoid standing out, taking the shape of animals, aliens, or mythical creatures for this reason.

UUniversal ConceptEdit

In the UUniverses as a whole, worlds are similar in concept to that of Kingdom Hearts. Certain worlds have keyholes, but they don't have an invisible shell to protect them. Locking of these keyholes are still in progress to this day. Gummi Ships are the main method of transportation across the UUniverses, but some worlds get around with ordinary ships. These universes are kept together by two magical items: Excalibur and it's stone, located in the Warner Bros Universe. While there are no invisible shells to protect worlds, there were Boundaries of the UUniverses that do a very similar thing before King Arthur pulled the Sword from the Stone. Though to prevent the Banished Realms, and it's Heaven counterpart, from merging with the rest of the UUniverses, a device called the UUniversal Boundary Generator was built in the center. Though villains are still a problem in these worlds.

Disney UniverseEdit

1. Fantasia SectorEdit

Fantasm SystemEdit

Fantasia World

Aeternus SystemEdit

Peter Pan World

Selick SystemEdit

The Nightmare Before Christmas World

Carroll SystemEdit

Alice in Wonderland World

Basile SystemEdit

Cinderella World

Perrault SystemEdit

Sleeping Beauty World

Ortega SystemEdit

Hocus Pocus World

  • Salem
  • Los Angeles

2. Crepundia SectorEdit

Tinkeria SystemEdit

Toy Story World

  • Andy's Old House
  • Andy's New House (234 Elm St.)
  • Al's Toy Barn
  • Sunnyside Daycare
  • Sid's House
  • Bonnie's House (245 Sycamore St.)
  • Dump

Monstroa SystemEdit

Monsters Inc. World

  • Monstropolis
  • Monsters University

Mobilius SystemEdit

Cars System

  • Radiator Springs

Aquarius SystemEdit

Finding Nemo World

  • Sydney
  • Great Barrier Reef

Franceoca SystemEdit

Ratatouille World

  • Paris
  • La Ratatouille
  • Gusteau's Restaurant (Now owned by Chef Pierre Sailas)

Entemolos SystemEdit

A Bug's Life World

  • Ant Island
  • Bug City

Tecca SystemEdit

Wall-E System

  • Earth
  • Axiom Ship

Aerois SystemEdit

Up System

  • Paradise Falls

3. Briton SectorEdit

Welsha SystemEdit

The Black Cauldron World

Trystin SystemEdit

Robin Hood World

4. Truncatis SectorEdit

Kiplen SystemEdit

Tarzan World

The Jungle Book World

  • Deep Jungle
  • Man Village

Animalia SystemEdit

The Lion King World

Vinton SystemEdit

The Wild World

  • Central Park Zoo
  • Africa

Amazoni SystemEdit

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers World

  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Florida

Salten SystemEdit

Bambi World

  • Forest of The Great Prince

5. Blaise SectorEdit

Ursa SystemEdit

Brother Bear World

Shin SystemEdit

Oscar's Oasis World

6. Civitatem SectorEdit

Taurus SystemEdit

Home on the Range World

  • Patch of Heaven

Kuhn SystemEdit

Pocahontas World

  • Jamestown
  • England

Olympum SystemEdit

Hercules World

Aladdin World

Hugo SystemEdit

The Hunchback of Notre Dame World

7. Aquos SectorEdit

Neptu SystemEdit

The Little Mermaid World

8. Portum SectorEdit

Lounsbury SystemEdit

The Rescuers World

Batarchus SystemEdit

Herek SystemEdit

101 Dalmatians World

Doyle SystemEdit

The Great Mouse Detective World

  • London
  • Baker Street
  • Afganistan
  • Ratigan's Lair

Atlantis: The Lost Empire World

Henson SystemEdit

The Muppets World

  • Muppet Studios

Willey SystemEdit

Roger Rabbit World

  • Los Angeles
  • Toontown

9. Antiqua SectorEdit

Summara SystemEdit

Phineas and Ferb World

  • Danville

Maoqian SystemEdit

Mulan World

Azzec SystemEdit

The Emperor's New Groove World

  • Kuzco's Kingdom
  • Kuzco's School
  • Pacha's Village

Björklund SystemEdit

Teacher's Pet World

  • Sunny Southern

10. Chixulub SectorEdit

Cretaco SystemEdit

Dinosaur World

11. Arkanis SectorEdit

Anseri SystemEdit

DuckTales World

12. Zagacia Sector (Deep Space)Edit

Turo SystemEdit

Lilo and Stitch World

13. Umbra SectorEdit

Colliodi SystemEdit

Pinocchio World

14. Nix SectorEdit

Kingudamu SystemEdit

Kingdom Hearts World

  • Destiny Islands

15. Prima SectorEdit

Aegaeon SystemEdit

  • Arendelle

Moorey SystemEdit

Wreck-It Ralph World

  • Arcade Land

Greno SystemEdit

Tangled World

  • Tower
  • Sun Kingdom

Gerson SystemEdit

Big Hero 6 World

  • San Fransokyo

16. Demittere SectorEdit

Buzz Lightyear World

  • Star Command
  • Capital City
  • Planet Z

17. Arfuse SectorEdit

Treasure Planet Galaxy

Warner Brothers/Cartoon Network UniverseEdit

1. Maiestatis SectorEdit

Keyma SystemEdit

Quest for Camelot World

Goldema SystemEdit

Thumbelina World

Polaris SystemEdit

Polar Express World

  • North Pole

2. Domum SectorEdit

Eddarso SystemEdit

Ed, Edd n' Eddy World

3. Tempus SectorEdit

Stonebock SystemEdit

Flinstones World

  • Bedrock

Futurgo SystemEdit

Jetsons World

  • Orbit City

Barbera SystemEdit

Hanna-Barbera World

  • World of Laff-A-Lympics Characters

4. Magicae SectorEdit

Smurth SystemEdit

The Smurfs World

Snorkur SystemEdit

The Snorks World

5. Urbem SectorEdit

  • All DC Comics Worlds

6. Kemono SectorEdit

Othen SystemEdit

  • Cow and Chicken World

Weasco SystemEdit

  • I Am Weasel World

Scurio SystemEdit

  • Squirrel Boy World

Gumbolla SystemEdit

The Amazing World of Gumball World

  • Gumball

Animola SystemEdit

My Gym Partner's A Monkey World

7. Clantaano SectorEdit

Reshi SystemEdit

Regular Show World

Coolsen SystemEdit

Johnny Bravo World

8. Bideogēmu SectorEdit

Rowling SystemEdit

Harry Potter World

Pixin SystemEdit

Level Up World

Arcatalus SystemEdit

Happy Feet World

  • Antarctica

9. Imaginatio SectorEdit

Mosto SystemEdit

Chowder World

Psysh SystemEdit

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends World

Abbate SystemEdit

Corpse Bride World

  • France

10. Rebellionis SectorEdit

Emmat SystemEdit

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy World

  • Endsville

Code Name: KND World

11. Senshi SectorEdit

Akuna SystemEdit

Samurai Jack World

12. Heromber SectorEdit

Tamasce SystemEdit

Powerpuff Girls World

  • Townsville

Unger SystemEdit

Underdog World

Canlies SystemEdit

Iron Giant World

  • Maine

13. Lucus SectorEdit

Orman SystemEdit

Camp Lazlo World

  • Camp Kidney

14. Timore SectorEdit

Horrai SystemEdit

Courage the Cowardly Dog World

  • Nowhere

15. Alienis SectorEdit

Ooomi SystemEdit

Adventure Time World

  • Land of Ooo

16. Cạngh̄wạd SectorEdit

Bakalian SystemEdit

The King and I World

  • Siam

17. Hospitii SectorEdit

Zoosin SystemEdit

Cats Don't Dance World

  • Hollywood
  • Kokomo

18. Risus SectorEdit

Prison 42

Blanc SystemEdit

Looney Tunes World

  • Warner Bros. Studios

Lamapus SystemEdit

Owls of Ga'Hoole World

  • Tyto Forest
  • Great Tree of Ga'Hoole

DreamWorks UniverseEdit

1. Ichi SectorEdit

Joycea SystemEdit

Rise of the Guardians World

  • Santa's Workshop
  • The Warren
  • Tooth's Palace
  • Antarctica

Dorago SystemEdit

The Road to El Dorado World

2. Komyuniti SectorEdit

Hegeta SystemEdit

Over the Hedge World

  • Terry Haute

3. Britannia SectorEdit

Lattine SystemEdit

Chicken Run World

  • Yorkshire

Flushed Away World

  • Kesington

Wongus SystemEdit

Wallace and Gromit World

  • Torrington Hall

4. Hispania SectorEdit

Sphyxa SystemEdit

The Prince of Egypt World

  • Ancient Egypt

Consentella SystemEdit

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas World

  • Syracuse

5. Fabella SectorEdit

Fawaday SystemEdit

Shrek World

  • Shrek's Swamp
  • Far Far Away
  • Duloc
  • San Ricardo

6. Vulputate SectorEdit

Mrinity SystemEdit

Megamind World

  • Metro City

Tachon SystemEdit

Turbo World

  • San Francisco

7. Beijing SectorEdit

Qiang SystemEdit

Kung Fu Panda World

8. Ibernia SectorEdit

Dracogon SystemEdit

How to Train Your Dragon World

  • Berk

Crootacon SystemEdit

Croods World

  • Croodaceous Land

9. Apis SectorEdit

Lamindo SystemEdit

Home World

  • Earth

Walanac SystemEdit

Peabody and Mr. Sherman World

  • New York

10. Pontus SectorEdit

Reefban SystemEdit

Shark Tale World

  • Reef City

11. Lux SectorEdit

Maidas SystemEdit

Madagascar World

Larvos SystemEdit

Antz World

  • Insectopia

Bizza SystemEdit

Bee Movie World

  • Sheep Meadow
  • Honex

Dolassi SystemEdit

Jusaxa SystemEdit

12. Neutra SectorEdit

Ares SystemEdit

13. Aequivalere SectorEdit

Monsgra SystemEdit

Monsters vs. Aliens World

  • North America

14. Potestas SectorEdit

Equester SystemEdit

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron World

  • America

Fox UniverseEdit

1. Hogo-sha SectorEdit

Rangeus SystemEdit

Power Rangers World

2. Brutus SectorEdit

Farlane SystemEdit

Seth McFarlane's/Simpsons World

  • Quahog (Family Guy)
  • Langlie Falls (American Dad)
  • Stoolbend (Cleveland Show)
  • Springfield

3. Impotens SectorEdit

Sockemmo SystemEdit

Napoleon Dynamite World

  • Preston

Hayward SystemEdit

Free Birds World

  • Plymouth Colony

Guiter SystemEdit

Book of Life World

  • Land of the Remembered
  • Land of the Forgotten

4. Titere SectorEdit

Micco SystemEdit

Space Chimps World

  • Earth
  • Melgor

Ander SystemEdit

Life with Louie World

  • Wisconsin

5. Brasilia SectorEdit

Sambanna SystemEdit

Rio World

  • Rio
  • Minnesota

6. Herossa SectorEdit

  • All Marvel Worlds

7. Cryoe SectorEdit

Icca SystemEdit

Ice Age World

  • Half Peak
  • Glacier Pass
  • Waterpark
  • Dinosaur World
  • Hyrax Island

8. Seussilla SectorEdit

Geisel SystemEdit

Dr. Seuss World

  • Most Lands of Dr. Seuss

9. Impar SectorEdit

Edlund SystemEdit

The Tick World

  • Norwood

Schulz SystemEdit

Peanuts World

Dagis SystemEdit

Garfield World

Anabus SystemEdit

Marmaduke World

  • Kansas

10. Luccas SectorEdit

Star Wars Galaxy

Purcell SystemEdit

Sam and Max World

11. Gajimo SectorEdit

Tzudiker SystemEdit

Anastasia World

  • Russia

Kroyer SystemEdit

FernGully World

  • FernGully

12. Meridiar SectorEdit

Joyge SystemEdit

Epic World

  • Leafman Forest

Thoros SystemEdit

13. Malachor SectorEdit

Athoytus SystemEdit

14. Janga SectorEdit

Pyrixium SystemEdit

15. Kuusei SectorEdit

Cyrisux SystemEdit

Iridium SystemEdit

16. Keffa SectorEdit

Airigin SytemEdit

17. Stulton SectorEdit


Paramount/Nickelodeon UniverseEdit

1. Galaxum SectorEdit

Spiritum SystemEdit

Danny Phantom World

  • Amity Park (Danny Phantom)
  • Ghost Dimension

Magire SystemEdit

Fairly OddParents World

  • Dimmsdale
  • Fairy World

Animolos SystemEdit

TUFF Puppy World

  • Petropolis

2. Atollis SectorEdit

Hillen SystemEdit

SpongeBob SquarePants World

  • Bikini Bottom
  • Atlantis
  • Houston, Texas (Sandy's Hometown)
  • Rock Bottom
  • Jellyfish Fields

3. Creta SectorEdit

Challak SystemEdit

ChalkZone World

  • Chalk Zone

4. Ollanos SectorEdit

Ethakka SystemEdit

Rocko's Modern Life World

  • O-Town

Ergarcia SystemEdit

Angry Beavers World

  • Oregon

Napel SystemEdit

Catscratch World

5. Zeentus SectorEdit

Bulgous SystemEdit

Jimmy Neutron World

  • Retroville

Lagarus SystemEdit

Planet Sheen World

  • Zeenu

Jugunu SystemEdit

Tak and the Power of Juju World

Barnaby SystemEdit

Back at the Barnyard World

  • Otis' Farm

6. Scilo SectorEdit

Zimmilis SystemEdit

Invader Zim World

  • Earth
  • Foodcourtia

7. Lactosso SectorEdit

Yeemigo SystemEdit

Mighty B World

  • San Francisco

8. Extronus SectorEdit

Xtaxis SystemEdit

Rocket Power World

  • Ocean Shores

9. Azteca SectorEdit

Guiterriz SystemEdit

El Tigre World

  • Miracle City

Verbin SystemEdit

Rango World

  • Dirt

10. Clustrus SectorEdit

Mechiti SystemEdit

My Life As A Teenage Robot World

  • Tremorton
  • Cluster Prime

11. Esstran SectorEdit

Foobali SystemEdit

Hey Arnold World

  • Hillwood

12. Hora SectorEdit

Eleben SystemEdit

Avatar/Korra World

  • Nation Lands
  • Spirit World

13. Torgie SystemEdit

Laird SystemEdit

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles World

  • New York City

14. Meiizus SectorEdit

Lamalum SystemEdit

FanBoy and ChumChum World

  • Galaxy Hills

Dynamax SystemEdit

15. Csupo SectorEdit

Vida SystemEdit

As Told By Ginger World

  • Sheltered Shrubs

Pepoon SystemEdit

Wild Thornberrys World

Garma SystemEdit

Rugrats World

16. Latimus SectorEdit

Hannan SystemEdit

CatDog World

  • Nearburg

Gaffney SystemEdit

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters World

  • New York City
  • Monster Hideaway

17. Gareed SectorEdit

Kricfalusi SystemEdit

Ren & Stimpy World

18. Borkitis SectorEdit

Worlds of Popeye, Little Lulu, Betty Boop, Baby Huey, etc.

19. Thagmis SectorEdit


20. Orbini SectorEdit


21. Sormis SectorEdit

Miramax UniverseEdit

1. Golddus SectorEdit

Lathgen SystemEdit

Thief and the Cobbler World

  • Baghdad

2. Phasamo SectorEdit

Fantasim SystemEdit

NeverEnding Story World

  • Mountain of Destiny
  • Fantasia
  • Nome

3. Naziae SectorEdit

Baccar SystemEdit

Freddie as F.R.O.7 World

  • France

4. Angellie SectorEdit

Bovtham SystemEdit

Gordy World

  • Meadow Brook

5. Mangus SectorEdit

Treek SystemEdit

Chestnut: Hero of Central Park World

  • New York City

6. Toxen SectorEdit

Xitames SystemEdit

7. Makutix SectorEdit

Binixis SystemEdit

Bionicle World

  • Spherus Magna

8. Baaso SectorEdit

Skailis SystemEdit

9. Zelboa SectorEdit

Paras SystemEdit

10. Gonzus SectorEdit


11. Neezro SectorEdit


VG(Video-Game) UniverseEdit

1. Cambaxx SectorEdit

Kombax SystemEdit

Mortal Kombat World

  • 18 Realms

2. Ecuonox SectorEdit

Naudog SystemEdit

Jak and Daxter World

3. Agvan SectorEdit

Olympite SystemEdit

God of War World

  • Greece
  • Olympus

4. Vorthon SectorEdit

Kojima SystemEdit

Metal Gear World

Mikami SystemEdit

Resident Evil World

  • Raccoon City

Demonish SystemEdit

Devil May Cry World

5. Niven SectorEdit

Halo Worlds

6. Kromes SectorEdit

Dracyron SystemEdit

Legend of Spyro World

Anaram SystemEdit

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger World

  • Southern Rivers

Ancel SystemEdit

Rayman World

7. Turb SectorEdit

Cargen SystemEdit

Need for Speed World

Dailly SystemEdit

Grand Theft Auto World

  • Liberty City
  • Vice City

8. Tikoona SectorEdit

Rubin SystemEdit

Crash Bandicoot World

9. Nintendo SectorEdit

Shigeru SystemEdit

Mario World

  • Mushroom Kingdom

Donkey Kong World

  • Donkey Kong Island

Aonuma SystemEdit

Legend of Zelda World

  • Hyrule

10. Anthrozix SectorEdit

Lilad SystemEdit

Main System for Starfox Worlds

11. Gumpei SectorEdit

All Metroid Worlds

12. Lacaxus SectorEdit

Hironobu SystemEdit

Final Fantasy World

13. Advatonos SectorEdit

Gard SystemEdit

Tomb Raider World

14. Sadantis SectorEdit

McGee SystemEdit

Alice World

  • Wonderland

15. Banadash SectorEdit

Cantosh SystemEdit

Command & Conquer World

16. Amstar SectorEdit

Ugolis SystemEdit

Scaler World

  • Earth
  • Lizard Universe

17. Carbokin SectorEdit

Inafune SystemEdit

Megaman World

18. Maxis SectorEdit

19. Wohl SectorEdit

Ratchet and Clank Worlds

  • Solana Galaxy
  • Bogon Glaxy
  • Polaris Galaxy

20. Collis SectorEdit

Seavor SytemEdit

Conker World

21. Nikomi SectorEdit

Lakka SystemEdit

Duke Nukem World

22. Warapah SectorEdit

Chich SystemEdit

Call of Duty World

23. Zekphen SectorEdit

Abam SystemEdit

Sly Cooper World

  • Paris

24. Lambooie SectorEdit

Kamaloo SystemEdit

Banjo-Kazooie World

  • Spiral Mountain

25. Aphamar SectorEdit

Schyme SystemEdit

Destroy All Humans! World

26. Amwavie SectorEdit


27. Braimi SectorEdit


28. Vord SectorEdit


Anime UniverseEdit

1. Magiciko SectorEdit

Regixi SystemEdit

Spirited Away World

  • Realm of the Spirits

Sagiti SystemEdit

Princess Mononoke World

  • Enchanted Forest

Hata SystemEdit

Little Nemo World

  • Slumberland

2. Lagatui SectorEdit

Aquiki SystemEdit

Ponyo World

3. Digimoyo SectorEdit

Digix SystemEdit

Digimon World

4. Narooso SectorEdit

Kishimoto SystemEdit

Naruto World

  • Konoha

4. Zsao SectorEdit

  • All Dragonball Z Worlds

5. Pokamashi SectorEdit

Tajiri SystemEdit

Pokémon World

  • Pallet Town
  • Cerulean City
  • Lumiose City

6. Yogioui SectorEdit

Kazuki SystemEdit

Yu-Gi-Oh World

  • Duelist Kingdom
  • Battle City

7. Pagasini SectorEdit

Otomo SystemEdit

Akira World

  • Neo-Tokyo
  • Old-Tokyo Ruins

8. Sonaga SectorEdit

Sigi SystemEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog World

  • Mobius

9. Jugo SectorEdit

Fujini SystemEdit

10. Leiji SectorEdit

All Captain Harlock Worlds

11. Igoko SectorEdit

Tezuka SystemEdit

Astro Boy World

  • Metro City

12. Dinidiki SectorEdit

Tetsuro SystemEdit

Dinozaurs World

13. Lembijoto SectorEdit

Takeuchi SystemEdit

Sailor Moon World

Kadono SystemEdit

Kiki's Delivery Service World

  • Koriko

14. Obijimi SectorEdit

Toru SystemEdit

My Neighbor Totoro World

15. Shuiesha SectorEdit

Fusosha SystemEdit

Speed Racer World

16. Tomino SectorEdit

Gundamu SystemEdit

Gundam World

17. Shogak SectorEdit

Ritsuko SystemEdit

Hamtaro World

18. Lazushi SectorEdit


19. Gonibi SectorEdit


20. Mako SectorEdit


Universal/Columbia/Tri-Star UniverseEdit

1. Lasames SectorEdit

Selick SystemEdit

Coraline World

  • Oregon
  • Other World

Paranax SystemEdit

ParaNorman World

  • Blithe Hollow

Sprarum SystemEdit

Casper World

  • Maine

2. Aridia SectorEdit

Dinius SystemEdit

We're Back! A Dinosaur Story World

  • New York City

Aquis SystemEdit

Help! I'm a Fish World

3. Leebora SectorEdit

Stacchi SystemEdit

Boxtrolls World

  • Cheesebridge

4. Amiloid SectorEdit

Hickner SystemEdit

Balto World

  • Alaska
  • New York

Ameerus SystemEdit

An American Tail World

  • Russia
  • America

5. Curago SectorEdit

Augusto SystemEdit

Curious George World

  • Africa
  • New York

6. Crecacio SectorEdit

Pomeroy SystemEdit

Land Before Time World

7. Armagus SectorEdit

Surfacus SystemEdit

Surf's Up World

  • Shiverpool
  • Pen Gu Island

Aller SystemEdit

Open Season World

  • Timberline

8. Mogran SectorEdit

Kenan SystemEdit

Monster House World

9. Jekii SectorEdit

Moffat SystemEdit

Adventures of Tintin World

  • Brussels

Ichinia SystemEdit

10. Naratis SectorEdit

Acker SystemEdit

9 World

11. Quagar SectorEdit

Barrett SystemEdit

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs World

  • Swallow Falls

12. Salamon SectorEdit

Spooka SystemEdit

Hotel Transylvania World

  • Hotel Transylvania

13. Terras SectorEdit

Segal SystemEdit

ExoSquad Worlds

  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars

14. Neesor SectorEdit

Semblum SystemEdit

15. Maugo SectorEdit

Camillo SystemEdit

The Tale of Desperaux World

  • Dor

16. Desapose SectorEdit

Renaud SystemEdit

Despicable Me World

17. Balagombo SectorEdit

Grodin SystemEdit

Beethoven World

18. Lawaitz SectorEdit

Worlds of Woody Woodpecker, Homer Pigeon, Chilly Willy, etc.

19. Regoo SectorEdit

Sloabu SystemEdit

20. Monstrae SectorEdit

Schouten SystemEdit

Monster Force World

21. Easgrom SectorEdit

Stabile SystemEdit

Hop World

  • Easter Island
  • California

22. Galleese SectorEdit

Abad SystemEdit

Planet 51 World

  • Planet 51

23. Traaka SectorEdit


MGM/Don Bluth/IC (Independent Companies) UniverseEdit

1. Serengella SectorEdit

Toygo SystemEdit

Babes in Toyland World

  • Toyland

Ditolla SystemEdit

Phantom Tollbooth World

  • San Francisco
  • Digitopolis
  • Dictionopolis

2. Holyssa SectorEdit

Pomeroy SystemEdit

All Dogs Go To Heaven World

  • New Orleans

3. Mossro SectorEdit

Lorso SystemEdit

Secret of NIMH World

  • Thorn Valley
  • NIMH

Klooss SystemEdit

2013 Tarzan World

  • Africa

Gallo SystemEdit

A Turtle's Tale World

4. Aco SectorEdit

Krieger SystemEdit

A Troll in Central Park World

  • Kingdom of Trolls
  • New York

5. Coldo SectorEdit

Cooltex SystemEdit

Pebble and the Penguin World

  • Antarctica

6. Jakeys SectorEdit

Weiss SystemEdit

Rock-a-Doodle World

  • Farm
  • Animal City

7. Sawyro SectorEdit

Sayax SystemEdit

Tom Sawyer (Animal) World

Rodon SystemEdit

Doogal World

Splaxx SystemEdit

Spliced World

  • Keep Away Island

8. Bunkus SectorEdit

Leondis SystemEdit

Igor World

  • Malaria

9. Hyro SectorEdit

Besson SystemEdit

Arthur and the Invisibles World

  • Necropolis

Campana SystemEdit

Alpha and Omega World

  • Canada

Thirgo SystemEdit

Tsirbas SystemEdit

Battle for Terra World

  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars

10. Monkrus SectorEdit

Worlds of Tom and Jerry, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, Pink Panther, etc.

11. Jaruso SectorEdit

Grimmace SystemEdit

Hoodwinked World

  • Forest

Winder SystemEdit

Escape from Planet Earth World

  • Earth
  • Baab

Adler SystemEdit

Delgo World

  • Jhamora

12. Mikesus SectorEdit

Bolger SystemEdit

Happily N'ever After World

  • Fairy Tale Land

Christus SystemEdit

13. Thobbus SectorEdit

Deeknis SystemEdit

War of the Birds World

14. Orbihus SectorEdit

Stassen SystemEdit

Fly Me To The Moon World

15. Ossinic SectorEdit

Brosse SystemEdit

Race (2007) World

Thorsey SystemEdit

Zambezia World

  • Zambezia

Fagorson SystemEdit

16. Bigad SectorEdit


17. Zarbir SectorEdit


Hasbro UniverseEdit

1. Alicorssa SectorEdit

Gili SystemEdit

2. Gijini SectorEdit

Cobboa SystemEdit

GI Joe World

3. Nyci SectorEdit

Zobini SystemEdit

Transformers World

  • Cybertron
  • Earth

4. Banatar SectorEdit

Ibanno SystemEdit

Battleship World

  • Earth
  • Planet G

5. Amabis SectorEdit

Thianix SystemEdit

6. Anigalix SectorEdit

Lipeshi SystemEdit

Littlest Pet Shop World

  • LPS City

7. Kaigu SectorEdit

Koothigani SystemEdit

Kaijudo World

  • San Campion

8. Caguckis SectorEdit

Caradi SystemEdit

Chuck and Friends World

9. Powpo SectorEdit

Cynisa SystemEdit

Pound Puppies World

  • Shelter 17

10. Zeethee SectorEdit

Abadag SystemEdit

11. Gartrix SectorEdit

Petrolla SystemEdit

12. Labasious SectorEdit


13. Nerfane SectorEdit


14. Itigam SectorEdit


Holy WorldsEdit

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